Glad you made it here.

I’m Mark. Brainwaves is my museletter.

Everything you love about newsletters, but without more news.

I also share the best pieces of my media diet: the pieces of reading, watching, and listening that made me think.


Ideas, to me, are like light and sound: they can be described as waves.

Ideas travel differently through various mediums –like the distortion of sound and refraction of light underwater. Hot takes are for Twitter, reflection for prose or verbal dialogue. I try to share ideas here that are appropriately expressed through a weekly email.

Ideas don’t exist in a vacuum. Light produces shadows, sound echoes. Ideas collide and produce amplification, resonance, and feedback. You don’t have to share your own thoughts, but it’s more fun when you do. I’d like to build a community that values sharing ideas.

Ideas are beautiful and powerful.

Brainwaves is how I explore my ideas, with anyone who wants to join or follow.

If you’re here and still interested, why don’t you come along for a bit?

You can always unsubscribe. (I promise it won’t hurt my feelings.)

Talk soon!


P.S. You can also find me on Twitter (if that’s your thing). I ask lots of questions there.