[NEW]: The Graph


Let’s get right to it:

I’m trying something new for 2021, and I’m really excited about it.

Early last year, I started using a new tool called Roam Research.

Roam allowed me to explore my thoughts in a way I had never experienced before. Instead of navigating files, notebooks, and pages, I could create my own “graph” of ideas.

I felt I had finally found something that worked like my own brain.

Looking back, it’s not surprising that I began sending fewer emails when I started using Roam.

It felt impossible to pull ideas away from their connections in the graph.

Then I realized the best way to share was to just invite you in.

For 2021, I created a new graph solely dedicated to Brainwaves.

I’ve spent the past week logging thoughts, questions, observations, and ideas.

(And what a week it’s been!)

I’ll add older brainwaves – my favorites from the past year – in due time.

But this is just the beginning.

If you’re not familiar with Roam, that’s okay. It’s a complicated product and honestly not very intuitive. The product itself is very much a work in progress.

(I can say this sincerely, as a member of the company’s support team.)

For now, I suggest you just explore. More coming soon :)

Check out the database here

As always: feedback, questions, and greetings welcome.

Chat soon,